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Readers Comments

"Most books on stewardship and giving are written from a pastoral perspective. Wealth Conundrum is not. It is a strong look at giving through a businessman's perspective, who has truly put his money where his mouth is. This is an excellent resource."
  -Chuck Colson

"In the matter of the stewardship, Ralph Doudera could well say with the apostle Paul, “Those things which you have both learned, and received, and heard, and seen in me, do.” I’ve known him for a quarter of a century; he practices what he preaches. This book is blissfully free of puff and pedantry. I plan to distribute thousands on all continents. It will be my Christmas gift to family, friends, and colleagues this Christmas. Nothing I’ve read on the subject matches its clarity and cogency. And it’s all predicated on the Word of God."
Dr. John Edmund Haggai, Founder Haggai Institute for Advanced Leadership Training

"I really liked it.  What a wonderful presentation of your testimony as a vehicle to slaughter many sacred cows.  It was fun walking along with you as God kept rearranging your box."
  -Chester Kylstra, Restoring the Foundations International Training Center

"I am glad that God did not have to put you into prison (like the author of the book, Pilgrims Progress) in order for you to complete this very important work."
  -Charles and Marie Stirman (faithful friends who heard my first talk and have held me accountable for writing this book).

"AWESOME Book!  I am inspired by your giving and I believe that it will inspire others to do the same and ultimately God will get more and more glory!  Please let me know when the books go on sale b/c I want to buy some for my friends."
  -Dexter Lyons, Businessman

"I loved it. The book made me think about my own journey – and I like that – I like leaving a book with questions of my own to work through. The book is a very engaging, compelling, and an interesting story that deserves to be read by a large audience.  It is easy to read. I am not a ‘finance’ person so I appreciated that you didn’t use big words that I can’t relate to. I read a lot and I like that this book is not over my head.  I love the God dialogue; the journal entries (which brought tears to my eyes); the many images; the men’s study group; the questions you invite us to consider; the questions you answer so well.  This book will be a helpful resource for many – and in particular a good resource for money workshops."  
  -Esther Stitt, Founder of Journey Into Freedom

"I am a businessman, bottom line driven, profit oriented and yet this book takes my spiritual breath away. Ralph has spoken the clear lessons of Jesus in language that comes to the point without traveling through the theology. Biblically based, he makes point after point with an unwavering sureness that only comes from real conversations with God. Look for the story of the farmer and the seed! More importantly, look for the heart of a man who has a heart for God, it's all over every page."
  -Jim Garvin, President, International Christian Chamber of Commerce-USA

"Ralph Doudera has explained some of the most misunderstood truths of the Bible in such a plain, very readable way!  He has explained the proper relationship between the Christian, his money and giving masterfully!"
-Jim Murphy, Bible Teacher, Hundredfold Ministries International

 "This is an excellent book and gives us the biblical basis for managing money in our lives. I shall review it in my newsletter since it will be useful to my readers. It will also be valuable in my practice since money is a common problem in the lives of Christians.  It ranks second
after relationships.   Ralph Doudera has done an excellent job."
  -William P. Wilson, MD Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry Duke University Medical Center
Director Institute for Christian Growth
Burlington NC

"I've had the privilege of visiting with Ralph as he has been working on this book, and find it refreshingly honest.  No one has less credibility in my mind than those who serve up easy answers. What I appreciate most is Ralph's recognition that there are none when it comes to stewardship issues.... I can imagine many baby-boomers who are facing 'half time', reading this and having it make perfect sense.  The brief and pithy format will appeal to the same group.  I work with a lot of very wealthy individuals, and manage a group of 20 others who do the same.  I can see this book being a great gift that will stimulate thinking, discussion and hopefully strategic giving to empower "the least among us"."
  -Mark Lutz, V.P. Opportunity International