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A Money Manager’s Perspective

On The Puzzles Of Wealth



wealth (n) having a plentiful

supply of material goods and money



conundrum (n) a problem where

the answer is very complex, possibly

unsolvable without deep investigation


Ralph J. Doudera


Signature Editions

Atlanta, Georgia

Wealth Conundrum







1 Emotional Crash

My money was managing me.

Page 1


2 Jesus Was Always

Talking About Money

Jesus said I could use money,

but I couldn’t let it use me.

Page 9


3 The Deal

God owns it all, but He gives me

the responsibility of managing it for Him.

Page 27


4 Making Megabucks

With God as the Owner, the cash flowed.

Page 33


5 Confrontation in Calcutta

I learned something uncomfortable about myself and

money when I was confronted with the truly needy.

Page 45


6 Emptying the Barns

I couldn’t challenge others to empty their wallets

when I had a barn stuffed full of cash.

Page 55


7 The Wealth Conundrum

Earning money to make a profit so that you can

give it away is a conundrum—but it rewards well.

“For whoever wants to save his life will lose it,

but whoever loses his life for me will find it.”—Jesus

Page 67


8 Relax And Win

Driving race cars is like the Christian life.

If you try too hard you lose, but if you relax, you win.

Page 81


9 Stewardship Struggles

Even when you want to give, your own unanswered

questions can divert you unless you have faith.

Page 89


10 A Life Of Financial Freedom

Anyone can achieve a life of financial freedom

if they understand how to play the game.

Page 113


11 Finishing Well

My most prosperous plan ever, with eternal benefits, came when I entered a relationship with Jesus Christ and let God run my life.

Page 133


Resources and Notes

Page 145


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